Bitcoin turning 12: From the Genesis block to Wall Street adoption

The Bitcoin network as we know it today officially kicked off exactly 12 years ago when Satoshi Nakamoto released the first software client. Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknown Bitcoin creator, released the first client network on this day 12 years ago, officially kickstarting what is perhaps the greatest monetary revolution of...


XRP price must break this key resistance to regain bullish momentum

The price of XRP is showing bullish signs in the short term despite the ongoing SEC lawsuit against Ripple. XRP holders are still struggling around the $0.30 area while the majority of the cryptocurrency markets are euphoric with Bitcoin (BTC) price surpassing $40,000.BTC price is currently over 100% higher than the...


Are Bitcoin miners bullish? BTC mining difficulty sees biggest bump in 3 months

The average amount of Bitcoin miners are selling continues to gradually decrease. Bitcoin (BTC) mining difficulty is increasing by roughly 11% on Jan. 9, according to data from BTC.com. This marks the biggest increase in nearly four months that will put the metric over 20 trillion for the first time...


Bitcoin price volatility spikes as BTC whales sell each new high

Data suggest Bitcoin’s price drops at each new all-time high are the result of “mega whales” selling into liquidity. Bitcoin price has re-established the $40,000 level as support but as bull push toward a new all-time high the possibility of another sharp sell-off looms.According to analysts at Material Indicators, a...

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