Max Keiser thinks Warren Buffett will move to Bitcoin soon

Max Keiser thinks Warren Buffett will move to Bitcoin soon

According to Max Keiser, host of popular RT show the Keiser Report, it is only a matter of time before Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway will invest in (BTC).

Not long ago, Buffett sold most of his positions in major banks and bought shares in Barrick Gold — a large gold mining company. For Keiser, this represents a U-turn in Buffett’s investing strategy:

After years of bashing both gold and Bitcoin, Keiser says that Buffett realized these are now “the go-to assets for preservation, for protection” against the depreciation of the U.S. dollar. According to Keiser, people shouldn’t spend time trading in the altcoin market, which he equated to gambling.

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Keiser’s rant didn’t spare Ether, the second-largest , which has come under fire recently due to allegations around its outstanding supply.

“It’s still on beta, it shouldn’t even be trading!” Keiser said. Instead, people should be focusing on hodling Bitcoin.

According to Keiser, one of the major causes of global inequality is caused by the uneven way money is distributed throughout the economy by central banks.

Keiser pointed out that this phenomenon has been particularly evident since the United States Federal Reserve injected a massive amount of cash into the economy to counter the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Keiser pointed out that most of the money was used to bail out large firms, while end-consumers see little benefits.

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On the contrary, “Bitcoin goes directly from God to the consumers,” Keiser said.

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