‘We’ve Got to Be Careful’ With Crypto Regulation, Says QUOINE Co-Founder

'We've Got to Be Careful’ With Crypto Regulation, Says QUOINE Co-Founder

Speaking during an on-stage panel at BlockShow Asia 2019, QUOINE co-founder Mike Kayamori said he has always been in favor of crypto regulation, but has begun changing his mind: “Crypto is evolving, and the government can’t try to regulate things it still doesn’t understand.”
Kayamori said he’s “always been a pro-regulation person,” but there is cause for being careful. “Politicians have their own agenda,” he said. “I am still in favor of crypto regulation, but [it] needs to be done very carefully.”
Crypto regulation has been one of the hottest topics at BlockShow Asia 2019, with almost every speaker offering their own take on the topic. Regulation has the powerful capacity to affect the whole industry. 
During the same panel, crypto content creator Lark Davis said, “When some countries like Nepal, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia banned crypto a while ago, I thought it was so bad for a pretending to be global. But now there are some very good initiatives from governments in places such as France, Switzerland, Japan.”
Only time will tell how it all shakes out.

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