99% of Token Price Is Pure Speculation, Says This Blockchain CEO

99% of Token Price Is Pure Speculation, Says This Blockchain CEO

Speaking at a panel today at BlockShow Asia 2019, VeChain founder Sunny Lu suggested that token value is mostly arbitrary.
The panel was titled “Creating Token Value — Are Monetary Gains Hindering Blockchain Innovation?” and it also included Eddy Travia, co-founder and CEO of Coinsilium; Matthew Roszak, chairman co-founder at Bloq; Greg Wasserman, co-head of principal investing at Galaxy Digital; and Dr. Pavel Kravchenko, CEO co-founder of Distributed Lab. But Lu’s commentary broke through:
“99% of a [token’s value] is linked to speculation, and not to the value that solution can bring to society. This causes many startups to waste a lot of time producing and ‘selling’ the token, failing to develop solutions for where they were initially focused.”
Discussing how to determine value for blockchain projects in this new innovation industry, other speakers highlighted the difficulty in determining value for blockchain-based projects.
“There is no way forward, no good practice that you can look at and mirror,” said Roszak. “It’s in the early years and everything is still very new, so it’s very difficult to determine the value of blockchain-based projects. Here we are learning and developing in a totally disruptive market, and I believe we will continue to develop this market.”
More skeptical of the value of the token industry, Kravchenko stressed that users need to be involved in the ecosystem and create a form of “currency” that is stable enough to allow use among features mentioned in the project.
“What is a stable currency? I don’t consider traditional currencies stable,” Travia countered, turning the debate over how to separate the value of the token from the value of the project itself.
Wasserman stressed that the question of the value of various projects are still very much connected to the value of that project’s token, and that this can undermine innovation in certain cases.
As Cointelegraph reported a little earlier, Elixxir President Jim Dolbear announced the launch of xx coin, a digital currency that will support decentralized messaging, payments, and dApps on the associated xx network.

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