‘Bullish for Bitcoin’ — China Scraps Plans to Ban Cryptocurrency Mining

‘Bullish for Bitcoin’ — China Scraps Plans to Ban Cryptocurrency Mining

(BTC) mining will not face a state crackdown in China, authorities have confirmed in new official documents. As noted by Blockstream CSO Samson Mow and others on Nov. 6, mining no longer features on a list of industries Beijing considers undesirable. 
“Bullish for Bitcoin”
The change came via a new edition of China’s Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog, which will take effect from the start of 2020.
“China’s National Development and Reform Commission has removed # mining from the list of industries they want to eliminate. Bullish for #Bitcoin,” Mow commented.
A previous incarnation of the document earlier this year had conversely included Bitcoin mining as one of the government’s targets.
The news marks a rare boon for Bitcoin-related activities in China, a country where cryptocurrency outside the control of the central bank remains all but banned.
BTC markets calm
The recent endorsement of blockchain from president Xi Jinping coincided with a dramatic rise in BTC/USD, after which local media cautioned on misinterpreting the remarks as supportive of
Following the most recent announcement, however, little appeared to change on Bitcoin markets.
Mining has long formed a profitable industry in China, with cheap electricity meaning major participants still reside there. Canaan Creative, one of the biggest Bitcoin mining rig manufacturers, will reportedly undergo a $400 million initial public offering, or IPO, later this month.

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