Who Writes

Who Writes

An old Dutch saying that I picked up yesterday. It means literally “who writes, stays.”

The origin seems to be from sports. Meaning, the player that is keeping score will always manage to stay in the game. But if we think back to many of the great artworks of history from books, to plays, and even music. Had they not been writen many would surely be lost by now.

It is my extreme pleasure and privilege to write to you every day. While I’m sure these musings won’t ever be referred to ever as art, I do hope that they’ll help all of us stay in the game.

Many thanks to the folks at Hard Fork for putting on an outstanding conference, I definitely learned a lot from the high-quality panels and speakers. Thanks to all the clients who came out to see me from Amsterdam, London, and Germany. And special thanks to eToro for sponsoring this and many other events in the space that serve as a petri dish for ideas and growth of the industry.

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Please note: All data, figures & graphs are valid as of October 17th. All trading carries risk. Only risk capital you can afford to lose.

Ok, maybe they overdid it a bit. The language and syntax are certainly no surprise from this President and are more or less in line with what we see on twitter. The thing is, this letter is dated a week ago, before the incursion. Since then, it seems that Trump has changed his mind a bit, and no longer sees the Kurdish plight as an American problem. Due to inaction from the President, it seems that Congress is now preparing its own measures.

Through all this, I’m quite surprised as to why the Turkish Lira is managing to hold so steady. The USDTRY has a history of extreme volatility though throughout the last few weeks it hasn’t really budged much at all.

Even some of the bigger firms have started to scrape social media to gather market sentiment. This Reuters article from June, explains the phenomenon quite well. Now, thanks to social trading our clients can do it too. The first product is a CopyPortfolio called TheTIE- LongOnly. Meaning, that it only enters buy positions and does not sell short. The backtesting data looks quite promising but I’m looking forward to seeing the real results, and hopefully some more products in the future. The Tie’s CEO Joshua Frank is quite sharp and the way he’s managed to cut through the noise of Twitter is pretty remarkable. I’ve personally been using the visual graphs at TheTie.io for a few months already and find them incredibly helpful. The period of low volume consolidation in the market persists. Though volumes are not quite as low as they were on Tuesday, it’s pretty clear that speculators are steering clear of taking any big bets for the time being. does seem to be forming some solid support on the chart just above $7,500 per coin. It would be nice to see a bit of a bounce from here, but if it does break below there are still several levels of support just below.

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