Facebook Sued for Trademark Infringement Over Libra Logo Design

Facebook Sued for Trademark Infringement Over Libra Logo Design

Finco Services of Delaware has initiated a lawsuit against Facebook in a New York court, Oct.10, over the swirly tilde logo Facebook uses for its Libra token. The plaintiff is also suing its former designer, who did the logo work for Facebook, for reusing the design.
Looking for a logo
Finco Services alleges trademark infringement, unfair competition, and “false designation of origin” against Facebook over its use of the swirly tilde logo.
The company provides online banking services through a mobile app, doing under the name Current. In 2016, it paid a company called Character SF to design a logo for the brand, which it registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
This registration covered a number of activities, specifically including “in connection with a mobile computer software application used for enabling -based transactions.”
A “recycled” design
The problem arose when Facebook also went to Character SF, looking for branding for its proposed cryptocurrency, Libra.
The resulting designs feature numerous tilde shapes, but the Calibra logo produced is virtually identical to the logo used by Finco for its Current app and debit cards.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will also testify before Congress on Oct. 23, regarding his companies intentions for the Libra currency.

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