Tom Lee: Bitcoin’s Price Moves in Tandem With S&P 500

Tom Lee: Bitcoin’s Price Moves in Tandem With S&P 500

Fundstrat Global Advisors co-founder Tom Lee has stated that Bitcoin (BTC) is positively correlated with the SP 500 market index and is not a hedge against macro turmoil.
Lee voiced his opinion during an interview with industry news outlet The Block published on Oct. 1.
moves according to macro factors
During the interview, Lee admitted that his opinion is unpopular given that many believe to be a hedge against macroeconomic turmoil. That being said, while he agrees that some crises can have a positive influence on Bitcoin’s price — citing the crisis that took place in Cyprus — overall, he is confident that BTC operates in accordance with macro factors, not against them. Lee stated:
“If I had to say ’s a macro hedge then I would say that the evidence should mechanically show bitcoin price does best when the SP has a bad year. Let me give you the evidence in the years when the SP has been down since bitcoin’s inception — bitcoin has averaged a negative 19% annual return.”
is up when the SP 500 is up
Lee also noted that in the years during which the SP index was below its long-term average return — ’s average gain was 300%. At the same time, in the years that have seen the index gaining 15% or more — BTC’s average gain was 1,800%. Lee concluded:
’s best years have all taken place in the years where the SP has performed very well.”
Lee’s stance is in contrast with the ideas expressed by the CEO of payments firm Circle, Jeremy Allaire, who suggested at the beginning of August that macroeconomic turmoil is responsible for the growth that has seen at the time.

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