New York State Financial Regulator Hiring Crypto and Blockchain Specialist

New York State Financial Regulator Hiring Crypto and Blockchain Specialist

New York state’s financial regulator is hiring a specialist with expertise in the field of virtual currencies and blockchain, per a recently published announcement.
The Department of Financial Services is looking to hire a Deputy Superintendent in the Research and Innovation Division, with a background in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, distributed ledger and other related fields. The person in this position is set to be in charge of policy decisions and the regulation of emerging and innovative markets.
The individual will be responsible for directing the development of enforcement procedures, policies and communication strategies in the field, maintaining engagement with industry players, and the development of initiatives and compliance measures.
Federal agencies hiring blockchain specialists
Governmental organizations have been actively hiring and blockchain-related specialists in recent months. The United States Department of Commerce was looking to hire a computer scientist specializing in blockchain and identity management in August. It noted that the candidate’s role will include a focus on cybersecurity capabilities.
In late September, NASA had a vacancy for a data scientist with and blockchain expertise at its Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, whose primary function is the construction and operation of planetary robotic spacecraft and conducting Earth-orbit missions. 
Back in the spring, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was hiring a dedicated staff member to provide expertise on cryptocurrency. The job application read at the time that the SEC would pay up to $239,000 per year for its Specialist, who will serve various consulting roles.

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