Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits 102 Quintillion in Historic Network Milestone

Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits 102 Quintillion in Historic Network Milestone

’s (BTC) network hash rate has passed a record 102 quintillion hashes for the first time in history in a historic milestone for the cryptocurrency.
adds another zero to hash rate
As data from monitoring resource Blockchain confirmed on Sept. 18, hash rate, ultimately a function of how secure the network is, has reached a high of 102.8 quintillion hashes.

network hash rate. Source: Blockchain
The achievement follows a string of records for the metric this year, Cointelegraph reporting on various stages of its expansion over the past few months. 
Hash rate refers to the amount of computing power involved in processing transactions. The higher the number of hashes, the more implied competition there is among miners to obtain the block reward. 
Since December 2018, the hash rate has progressed from its recent low of 31 quintillion hashes per second, equating to the progress of 230%.
proponents eye price implications
Current growth has excited commentators, despite coming in tandem with a moderate decline in price. 
As many noted, new upward action for hash rate tends may hint at future price growth. Hash rate began growing in January after several months of decline, with price then following in April. 
Commenting on the current rate of growth, Lightning Torch organizer Hodlonaut said the figures spoke to underlying confidence among miners.
“Last readjustment period (2016 blocks, or around 2 weeks) increased 10.38%. We are about half way through the current readjustment period, and on track for another 11.85% increase,” he forecast.
Others have already given more bullish predictions. Max Keiser, a firm believer in ’s prowess over altcoins, has frequently doubled down on his depiction of giant surges in both hash rate and price in the near future.

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