$10K Bitcoin Stronger Than Ever But No One Seems to Care: Google Trends

$10K Bitcoin Stronger Than Ever But No One Seems to Care: Google Trends

Bitcoin (BTC) has hit a four-month low this week — as a search term on Google, with market fatigue and boredom spreading beyond traders.
“Bitcoin” least Googled since May
Data from Google Trends confirms that the term “Bitcoin” is less popular now than at any time since the end of April. 
Despite the largest actually trading higher this week than then — at $10,200 versus $4,100 — it appears currently attracts little mainstream interest.
On a normalized scale of 1 to 100, “Bitcoin” currently charts at 38 worldwide, after briefly hitting 100 in late June. That performance coincided with BTC/USD hitting its 2019 high of $13,800. 

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12-month worldwide Google search popularity for “Bitcoin.” Source: Google Trends
Interest follows price
As Cointelegraph has previously reported, mainstream attention tends to fluctuate in line with price volatility.
Overall searches have rocketed since the beginning of April when price began its rise from months of sideways trading around $3,500. 
Other episodes of parabolic moves have likewise increased ’s stance, as mainstream media titles frequently choose to cover price performance over any other event.
BTC/USD has remained similarly flat around the $10,000 since mid-August, while commentators continue to suggest that volatility is ripe to return during the rest of the year.

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