Crypto News From the German-Speaking World: Sept. 9–15 in Review

Crypto News From the German-Speaking World: Sept. 9–15 in Review

The German-speaking world continues to see lots of developments in the industry, as a Liechtenstein-based exchange is tokenizing a $25 million movie fund with actor Wesley Snipes, Austrian textile manufacturers use blockchain to go green and a Swiss crypto finance company expands its into Asia. 
Here is the past week of and blockchain news in review, as originally reported by Cointelegraph auf Deutsch.
A Liechtenstein exchange is tokenizing a $25 million movie fund
Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange is tokenizing a $25 million movie fund together with Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes. The news was reported by Cointelegraph auf Deutsch on Sept. 9. The Daywalker Movie Fund will invest in future movies and TV shows produced by Snipes and his production studio Maandi House. The fund will offer investors a share in the profit of its productions, as well as confer extra benefits such as invitations to movie premieres.
Austrian textile manufacturer uses blockchain to make industry greener
On Sept. 9, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reported that the Lenzing Group, a manufacturer of wood textile fibers, successfully tested a blockchain system which guarantees the origin for raw materials used in clothing. Lenzig explained:
“Blockchain enables anybody to identify the source of wood in every step of the production and distribution process, including clothing and home textiles. In addition, the new technology also provides consumers with the ability to check the composition of a garment and the underlying textile supply chain prior to purchase by simply scanning a barcode.”
Swiss Finance AG plans to offer crypto businesses in Asia
Zurich-based Finance AG has decided to expand its businesses to Asia due to the continuous growth in its home markets of Switzerland and Europe. Alisher Tashpulatov, the firm’s head of Asia Pacific, said that the company aims to meet the demand for professional digital asset products and services and bridge the gap between traditional finance and the emerging crypto asset market.
Swiss financial sector sees blockchain as an important digital
Per a recent survey by SwissVR Monitor, the Swiss financial sector considers blockchain to be an important digital technology. The survey found that digitization and automation across various industry sectors are among the most important topics. Blockchain is considered to be particularly important to the financial services industry.
Munich startup brings blockchain Wallet-as-a-Service for and Ether
On Sept. 13, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reported that Munich-based startup Tangany is launching a new service called Blockchain Wallet-as-a-Service that offers companies a software interface wallet service, which they can easily integrate into their own applications. Tangany explains:
“Customers are offered the facility to create an unlimited number of wallets that support not only the most popular blockchains of and Ethereum, but also private blockchains.”

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