Domino’s Pizza Launches $100K Bitcoin Prize Competition in France

Domino's Pizza Launches $100K Bitcoin Prize Competition in France

The French unit of Domino’s Pizza launched an ordering competition with a prize of $110,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) or cash.
Game is active from Sept. 4 till Oct. 6
According to a company’s tweet on Sept. 6, Domino’s Pizza France initiated the 100,000 euro give away on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. 
Started on Sept. 4, the contest will allow buyers to participate in games while ordering pizzas from Domino’s until Oct. 2, while purchase registration will be available till Oct. 6, according to the campaign’s website.
As noted in the competition rules, the amount awarded in will have a value of 100,000 euro calculated according to the exchange rate on the day of purchase of Bitcoin by the organizer of the game if the winner picks BTC. 
Eventually, Domino’s Pizza plans to transfer the prize to the winner’s wallet on Dec. 16, 2019, according to the rules.
Earlier blockchain-related initiatives
Domino’s Pizza is not new to blockchain and space though. In May 2019, the Singapore and Malaysia division of Domino’s Pizza teamed up with Dutch blockchain firm SingularityNET to deploy its blockchain-enabled artificial intelligence technology. 
Specifically, the implementation of SingularityNET’s intends to improve Domino’s supply chain processes and logistics in Malaysia and Singapore.
Domino’s Pizza is also one of the pizza companies allowing customers to buy pizza with as part of Bitcoin Pizza Day that is celebrated each year on May 22 since 2010.

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