Hong Kong-Based Holding Company Appoints Huobi Exchange Founder as CEO

Hong Kong-Based Holding Company Appoints Huobi Exchange Founder as CEO

Huobi Group founder Leon Li has been appointed CEO, chairman of the board and executive director of the board of Pantronics Holdings Ltd.
Changes at Pantronics
A press release shared with Cointelegraph on Sept. 10 announced Li’s new roles at Hong Kong -listed holding company Pantronics Holdings Ltd.
The 37-year-old Leon Li, who founded the global digital asset giant Huobi Group in 2013, will help the Hong Kong-based investment company “explore potential new opportunities.” Chris Lee, Pantronics’ current executive director added that Li’s knowledge and experience will be invaluable to the Pantronics team. He said:
“The global scale of innovative technologies is rising exponentially. Emerging technologies, such as mobile internet, A.I., big data, and especially blockchain are radically transforming traditional models. The knowledge, experiences, and management skills that have allowed Leon to build one of the most successful digital asset companies in the world will be invaluable to the Pantronics team.”
Pantronics Holdings Ltd. might undergo a name change to Huobi Holdings Limited. However, the change will be subject to approval from the Registry of Corporate Affairs in the British Virgin Islands and shareholders.
Huobi’s blockchain-powered smartphone
Cointelegraph recently reported that Huobi-invested startup Whole Network was planning to launch its blockchain-powered smartphone, dubbed Acute Angle. The blockchain phone was already available to some users in China, but the actual launch of Acute Angle is scheduled for tomorrow as part of the sixth Huobi Prime launch.
The blockchain phone is produced by the Whole Network startup that Huobi invested in and will be priced at around $500, and can be purchased with the exchange’s native Huobi Token (HT).

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